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KM-3100/KM-3200/KM-3300/KM-3400 tube cut machine

KM-3100 Tube cutting machine



KM-3100 tube cutter is design of control panel is very simple, so operators can use very easy.


KM-3100 is including the reel stand without electric for shrink tube, etc that is less than the radius of 250mm.

COP-314 Static-remover

KM3100 can attach optional Static-remover COP-314. when it is affected by the static, KM3100 with COP-314 is very effective.



Wide type series

Material range over 100mm to 400mm wide can be cut by KM-3200,KM-3300,KM-3400. It can cut a lot of kinds of material except the tubes too, for example,insulation paper for motor, something plate, film etc.




Model KM-3100 KM-3200 KM-3300 KM-3400
Cutting Width 100mm 200mm 300mm 400mm
Cutting Material Shrink tube, Silicon tube, PVC tube, Hose, Rubber, Tin/Copper plate,
Wire, Braided wire, Paper, Film, etc.
Cutting Length 0.1 ~ 9,999.9mm
Cutting pieces 1 ~ 99,999pcs
Power Supply AC110V or 220V   50/60Hz
Optional equipment COP-314 Static-Remover
Dimension 395 x 265 x 355mm 395 x 365 x 355mm 410 x 500 x 345mm 410 x 600 x 345mm
Weight 21kg 25kg 43kg 47kg